Monday, June 21, 2010

Time Flies...

Time does fly when you are having fun! And oh, are we having fun! Grace turned five months last week, and we trooped off to the doctor for her shots. She was really good, just a wee cry when the needles went in, but that night was a rough one - she ran a low fever and cried from about 11 till 1 when I got her back to sleep. Added into the mix are two brand new teeth - her bottom ones. She's actually not been too grizzly about those, I had no idea new teeth were so sharp! No more shots until 15 months, thank goodness!

Daycare is still going really well - she's not great at sleeping there, too much else going on and she loves watching the other kids playing. So, we usually have an hour of play when I get her home and then she crashes for the night. She is mostly sleeping through, though the last few days have been 4am wake ups. Still...that gives us both a good block of sleep.

Lots of laughing and smiles now, still rolling over at every opportunity, and she has just discovered her feet which makes nappy changing challenging as the wee legs come up, the wee hands come up to touch the toes, and we try to fit a nappy around the appendages! And she loves to grab your hair/nose/ears/lips etc and have a good tug...or then she turns gentle and just strokes whatever she can reach. It's often a race when she wakes up as to who gets to pick her up first - she snuggles in and smiles and coos and it's really just lovely :-)

Last week she also had her 5 month Plunket check. They were really pleased with her progress and a good weight gain - all that formula! She is now 64.2cm long and 7.63 kgs in weight. We've had a couple of tries of giving her Farex as her introduction to solids and she was fine with it, just not quite ready with the tongue pushing it out.

So...all is well in the household. And the sad/happy thing of note is that we found our labrador, Toby, a new home. He is a lovely dog, but very boisterous and hard to handle and it was really becoming apparent that he needed more than we could give him. We also felt that he couldn't be trusted with Grace especiallyl when she starts crawling. I couldn't walk him with Katie (our retriever) and the buggy so Rupert was having to do the dog walking, and when he starts travelling again it would be a choice of putting Toby in a kennel or watching him go mad with suppressed energy. So, while we miss him, I do have to say that home is a LOT quieter and less stressful. Katie has adjusted really well, and she is only alone 2 days of the week, so it's working out well.

So that's our update. I couldn't be happier - I miss Grace on the days I am at work. But we make up for it on my days off, and she gets such a lot of attention and cuddles at daycare that really we have a good balance going.

Next milestone - six months! Who would have thought it!


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