Sunday, February 28, 2010


Grace is teaching me so much. This little six week old baby has totally changed my life - even more than I had anticipated. I'm learning patience - you can't hurry a baby with her feeding. I'm learning to be more organised - nothing worse than running out of clean nappies when out of the house! And I'm learning that no matter how tired I am, when she needs me, I can be there. I'm also definately learning to ask for help - Rupert is amazing and does so much for both of us...

It was an interesting week - I turned 43 on Tuesday and had a few moments of wondering how on earth I ended up with a baby at my age. Actually, it was a really nice day, Rupes made a nice dinner, my Dad visited with gifts, and Murray brought over a cake - chocolate! And I got lots of other gifts and emails and texts and Grace was very good all day and all night. I also took Grace to a baby first aid class run by our antenatal group - nice to see the other babies and mums and get some good advice just in case anything happens. God forbid!

On Wednesday we had our final appointment with the specialists for my sign off - Grace decided to save up all her number 2's for that outing, so three nappy changes from the time I left home till we got back - and a fair amount of annoying crying from her! Thursday - growth spurt day, she fed pretty much all day from early morning till about 4pm. That was hard - but at the same time, it was obviously what she needed so another lesson learned - putting aside what I didn't need to do or worry about to take care of her.

Then Friday we saw my GP for Grace's first appointment and her immunisation jabs. I love my GP - she has been such a support over the years, so it was really special for her to meet Grace. Of course, Grace then proceeded to pee and poo all over the exam table while having her hips checked, which left Doc and I in hysterical laughter. As for the injections - ahhh that was so hard. Her wee face screwed up and went bright red each time...then the longest moment of silence followed by a huge scream! Have now decided next time to have her on the breast so it might be a little easier.

She was pretty unhappy and grizzly after the jabs - no wonder, and I basically spent all of Friday night cuddling her and feeding her as she wanted. She'd doze off and then wake up sobbing - just heartbreaking. We gave her the first ever dose of Pamol for the temperature she had, and that helped I think - but it was just one of those nights where it was all about her, and not about routine or anything else.

Every time I look at her I just think - how blessed are we? How close did we come to missing out on this wee treasure? I'm forever grateful.


Anonymous Aunty Cat said...

Yay I knew my tendancy towards super organisation would come in handy one day!!! I'll lend you some of mine when I'm over there if you like.. :-) In just a little over four weeks!! Woo hooo!!!

12:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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