Wednesday, December 23, 2009

8 months!

Am kinda pinching myself - 8 months pregnant today! Wow. Time has gone quite quickly in some ways, but I get the feeling the next few weeks will pass very very slowly.

Had my doctors appointment today - they did a scan and baby girl is engaged - officially D2 and apparently D4 is full labour, so she's in a great position. Fluid and all is very good, and my blood test results are all good too (iron, platelets etc).

So...just a few more weeks. I had a very uncomfortable day on Sunday with lots of Braxton Hicks which would have been her moving down into the pelvis - I honestly thought I might have gone into early labour then, but she is holding on and doing great :-)

Been a busy week or so - office lunches, Christmas Party, our ante natal get together - I'm looking forward to a few quiet days off over Christmas to enjoy this last little time!


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